Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why I Started This Blog

I already have a blog that I started almost 4 years ago.  It is our family blog where I write all about everything that is going on with us.  I decided to start this new blog all about Noah to help other parents who have children with fibular hemimelia like Noah.  It has been a very difficult road, and I remember how scary and overwhelming it was when we first found out.  So I thought that maybe starting a blog that's just about what Noah has been through would help other parents just starting out on this road.  I know I have a few people occasionally that visit my other blog from a fibular hemimelia discussion board, and I was even contacted recently by one mom who recently had a baby born with this, and her son goes to the same hospital mine does.  Since my other blog isn't just about Noah and fibular hemimelia it's a little harder to find the information you might be looking for to read about what Noah has been through so I figured starting this blog might make it easier.