Thursday, January 5, 2012

It Never Ends for Noah

Originally posted November 27, 2011

Well, last night, just as we were sitting down to enjoy our first Christmas movie of the season, Noah comes to us crying and tells us it has hurt to pee all day, that he can't pee now, and it feels like something is blocking his pee. So off to the ER he went. He was miserable by then, and sure enough it turned out he had a kidney stone, a huge one. In fact, the doctors and nurses said it was the largest one they'd ever seen in anyone, even adults. I think they said 13-14mm. Poor thing, no wonder he was so miserable. Although you never would've known it the rest of the day. (We put up outside Christmas lights that afternoon while he and his sisters ran around and played outside the whole time.) The doctor in the ER sedated him and got it out quickly, and before you knew it he was back to normal, and with the versed they gave him he didn't remember a thing. He felt awesome when he got home and was full of energy even though it was 1 am by then, and he's been fine ever since. The drama and craziness and trips to the hospital just do not end for him even when we're done with procedures on his leg for awhile. He still ends up back in the hospital for something. At least it waited until after Thanksgiving to happen though.

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