Thursday, January 5, 2012

Noah's 9th Surgery

Originally posted December 15, 2009

Noah had his 9th surgery today. It was his 7th surgery on his leg, but his 9th surgery all together. He was a brave boy as usual and did so good. He didn't have the breathing problems this time like he did after his last surgery thankfully, so he was able to come right home the same day. Now he is resting and recovering at home. This surgery was similar to the very first surgery he had on his leg. They put a plate and a screw in his knee to slow down the growth on one side so the other side can catch up because right now his leg is starting to turn inward when he stands on it. For his first surgery they did this to his ankle. We have to leave the bandage on it until Saturday, but he can start walking on it gradually whenever he feels comfortable putting weight on it.

Showing me his bandaged up knee right after he got home.

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