Thursday, January 5, 2012

Noah's 7th Surgery

Originally posted April 2, 2009

Tuesday Noah had another surgery on his leg. He had the external fixator and pins removed from his leg, so now he just has a small cast on his leg that stops just below his knee. The cast he had on before went just above his knee, which meant he wasn't able to bend his knee, so after this surgery he had to get used to walking again which took him a few days. His leg was stiff and hurt him some from not bending it for so long. Now he just has to wear this new cast for about 4 more weeks, and then he will finally be done with this whole procedure. It's been a long, difficult road since October 1st so after 7 months it will be so nice to finally be done with it. He's not done with surgeries completely though, he's just done with this one, but it will be a couple years before he has another one. For his birthday we got him a bike helmet because we wanted to get him a new bike once the final cast comes off, and hopefully now that the length difference in his two legs isn't that much anymore he'll be able to learn how to ride a bike. We've been dreading this surgery since he was a baby. It's nice to finally be just about done with it.

Below are some of Noah's x-rays of his leg.
This is before his surgery. You can see the length difference in his legs here.

This is about a month into the lengthening I believe. You can see where the bone has been cut and how much it has been spread apart from the lengthening.

This one is at the end of January I think, and you can see the new bone that has grown and filled in that gap you saw in the previous x-ray.

Now here's a couple pictures of Noah on his surgery day.
Playing games while he waits for his surgery.

Home from surgery and showing off his new blue cast.

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