Thursday, January 5, 2012

Noah's 4th Surgery

Originally posted January 28, 2008

Two weeks ago Noah went back to the hospital to have his big cast taken off, the pin removed from his leg, and a new cast put on. Everything went well with this surgery and Noah got a smaller walking cast on his leg. It was a short procedure, and he came home the same day. He was a little upset that his new cast wasn't a cool color like his last one, but then he found out it glows in the dark, and he was happy with that. Although it was a walking cast he had a difficult time at first learning to walk on it. I didn't think he'd ever get used to walking on it, and he'd have to keep using the wheelchair the whole time it was on. A week later though he went back to school, and after a couple of days he finally started walking around on it just fine.

Everyone in Noah's class signed his cast.

Another look.

Heading to the hospital.

Playing with some blocks while waiting for surgery.

Noah and Daddy before surgery

Playing with Superman while waiting for surgery.

Waiting for him to wake up in recovery after surgery.

His new cast.

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