Thursday, January 5, 2012

Noah Update

Originally posted March 31, 2001

Thought it was about time I did an update on Noah and his leg. We lengthened all the way to about the first week of March. In February and the beginning of March he had to have two quick little procedures to straighten out the bone. When you lengthen the femur it tends to want to bow a little, so it had to be straightened back out each time. He grew about 2 inches of bone in the femur during this process. When we finished the lengthening process in early March he was able to start putting weight on his leg and begin walking again. It was difficult at first, but he's getting around pretty good now. He started going to physical therapy every week to help him with bending and straightening out his leg now that he's starting to walk again, but it should only be for a few weeks. On March 21st just after his birthday he went back to school finally for the first time since Thanksgiving. He was so excited to be back and to see all his friends. He is doing so well, and his doctor continues to be amazed at his progress. He may even get his fixator off of his leg sooner than we thought because his doctor says he heals faster than anyone else he's seen. The new bone was hardening much faster than normal. Can't wait for it to finally be off of his leg and be done with this, and for him to be able to wear pants without holes cut down the side.

What a handsome boy.

He wanted to pose with his Nerf gun.

His leg healing nicely.

A video showing how well he's walking.
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